Who Is Khatu Shyam JI? Story, History and Temple Timing

Who Is Khatu Shyam Baba?

Khatu Shyam is also known as Shri Khatu Shyam Ji or Shyam Baba. It is particularly popular in the northern regions of India, especially Rajasthan and Haryana. He is believed to be a manifestation of Lord Krishna and It is revered for his divine grace and blessings. Khatu Shyam Temple is a revered Hindu temple located in Khatoo village, only 43 km from Sikar City in Rajasthan, India. Devotees believe that praying to Khatu Shyam Baba can bring blessings, protection, and fulfillment of desires.

Story of Lord Khatu Shyam ji in Hindu scriptures

Barbarik was a brave and bright child in his childhood. It had attained proficiency by learning the art of warfare and skills from Lord Shri Krishna and his mother Mauravi. He had performed severe penance of Lord Shiva, as a blessing of which Lord Shiva provided 3 miraculous arrows to Barbarik (Kahtu Shyam Baba), So Barbarik’s name is also famous as the three wielder of arrows. Lord Agnidev had given a divine bow to Barbarika, with which he was able to conquer all the three worlds.

According to Mahabharat, When Barbarik got information about the war between Kauravas and Pandavas, he also decided to participate in the war. Barbarik took the blessings of his mother and set out promising to support the losing side in the war. Baba Shyam, the support of the defeated, became famous because of this word. When Barbarik was going, he met a Brahmin on the way. This Brahmin was none other than Lord Shri Krishna, who wanted to test Barbarik. That’s why Shri Krishna, who became a Brahmin, asked Barbarik that he was going to fight with only 3 arrows? How can anyone fight a war with just 3 arrows?

Barbarik (Khatu Shyam) said that his single arrow was capable of destroying the enemy army and even then that arrow would not be destroyed but would return to his quiver. Therefore, if all three arrows are used then the entire world can be destroyed. The Brahmin (Shri Krishna) pointed to a Peepal tree and asked Barbarik to pierce all the leaves of the tree with an arrow. Barbarik meditated on God and released an arrow. That arrow pierced all the leaves of the Peepal tree and after that the arrow started revolving around the feet of Brahmin (Krishna). Actually Krishna had hidden a leaf under his foot. Barbarik understood that the arrow was circling the Brahmin’s leg to pierce the same leaf. Barbarik said – O Brahmin, remove your foot, otherwise it will pierce your foot.

Shri Krishna was happy with the bravery of Barbarik. He asked on which side Barbarik would fight. Barbarik said that, he will just fight on behalf of the losing side as per his promise. Hearing this, Shri Krishna got worried because the Kauravas knew about this thing of Barbarika. The Kauravas had planned that they would fight with less army on the first day of the war. This will lead to the defeat of the Kauravas in the war, due to which the barbarians will come to fight on the side of the Kauravas. If Barbarika fights on behalf of the Kauravas, his miraculous arrows will destroy the Pandavas.

Then the Brahmin asked the barbarian to give him money. Barbarik promised to donate. Now the Brahmin told Barbarik that he wanted Barbarik’s head as a donation. Barbarik was surprised to hear this unique demand for donation and understood that this Brahmin was not an ordinary person. Barbarik prayed that he would definitely donate his head as promised, but first the Brahmin should appear in his true form.

Lord Sri Krishna appeared in his true form. Barbarik said, O Lord, I am committed to give my head but I want to see the war with my own eyes. Pleased with Barbarik’s commitment, Shri Krishna Barbarik blessed him to fulfill his wish. Barbarik cut off his head and gave it to Krishna.

The word of Lord Shri Krishna was proved and today we also see that Lord Shri Khatu Shyam Baba Ji constantly keeps his blessings on his devotees. Baba Shyam becomes the support of the loser as per his promise. That is why if the one who is defeated and tormented by the whole world chants and remembers the names of Baba Shyam with a true heart, he will definitely win.

Khatu Shyam Temple Darshan Timings

Khatu Shyam Ji temple is a famous temple located near Sikar, about 80 kilometers from Jaipur, it is a place of worship that is visited by devotees from all over India throughout the year. The temple offers darshan during specific hours to accommodate the spiritual needs of its visitors.

During the winter season, devotees can have darshan at the Khatu Shyam Ji Temple Darshan Timing from 5:30 in the morning until 9:00 in the evening. In the summer months, the temple opens its doors earlier, starting darshan at 4:30 in the morning and closing at 10:00 at night.

We are dedicated to providing you with the most up-to-date and relevant information about the Khatu Shyam Ji Temple, including darshan timings, aarti schedules, and the temple’s opening and closing hours.

Khatu Shyam Temple Winter Darshan Timings

  • Morning 5.30 to Afternoon 13.00
  • Evening 17.00 to Night 21.00

Khatu Shyam Temple Summer Darshan Timings

  • Morning 4.30 to Afternoon 12.30
  • Evening 16.00 to Night 22.00

Why did Krishna ask for Barbarik’s head?

Krishna asked for Barbarik’s head because he had a powerful gift of three arrows that could defeat anyone. Worried about the potential harm, Krishna requested Barbarik to sacrifice his head.

What was Barbarik’s last wish?

Barbarik’s last wish was to witness the Mahabharata War. Krishna fulfilled it by placing his severed head atop a hill, giving Barbarik a panoramic view. This act honored his wish and ensured he witnessed the battle despite not participating.


What is the timing of Khatu Shyam Darshan?

You can visit the Khatushyam Mandir at two different times: in the morning from 5:30 AM to 1:00 PM and in the evening from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

In which city is Khatu Shyam Ji Temple?

The Khatu Shyam Ji Temple is located in the village of Khatu in the Sikar district of Rajasthan, India.

Which God is in Khatu Shyam Mandir?

Khatu Shyam Temple is dedicated to Shyam Baba, the form of Lord Shri Krishna.

Why is Khatu Shyam famous for?

Khatu Shyam Ji Temple is famous for fulfilling the wishes and providing protection to its devotees.

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